David Speck

Director of Photography






It is his mindset and work ethic that has made David Speck a standout as a Director of Photography. With over 18 years of experience, Speck is a devoted filmmaker who believes the purpose of the moving image is to serve the story - to connect with the viewer on a deeper level. This perspective and commitment to the narrative drives everything he puts into a project. It compels him to find new and innovative ways to help tell these stories. Sometimes while having to overcome the financial or logistical challenges often encountered with productions both small and large.


Speck's philosophy and experience are anchored by his eye for composition and lighting as well as his ability to visualize the intentions of the Director. His distinctive look and style have garnered him several awards for his work, including being honored with the International Cinematographers Guild Emerging Cinematographer Award. More importantly, it has brought him many successful collaborations, connected him with like-minded colleagues, and developed good friendships. Hopefully, with many more to come!


Speck’s adaptability stems in part from being a proud “military brat”. Never calling the same place home for more than a year or two and having spent 6 years of his upbringing overseas.


When the time came for college, Speck attended the prestigious University of North Carolina School of the Arts: School of Filmmaking where he graduated with a BFA with a concentration in cinematography. Since that time he has settled in Los Angeles where he resides with his wife and twin sons.



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